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What is Nadra’s Marriage Certificate?

The Nadra Marriage Certificate is a Record of Marriage between the Husband and Wife. In Marriage Certificate All the Information Available About the Date of Marriage, etc. Its Issue by the Family Court after Court Marriage in Pakistan.

Why The Marriage Certificate is Important?

The Marriage Certificate Nadra is Important, the Some Valid Reasons are Given Below!

  • It is Proof that you are a Married Person.
  • It Also Shows That Your Marriage is 100% Legal
  • You Can Easily Claim Your tax Benefit and Social Assistance

Without Marriage Certificate in Pakistan!

Without a Certificate of Marriage, How can you show that you are a Marriage Person? Not having a marriage certificate can cause you a lot of problems when it comes to dealing with things like legal, medical, and financial issues. So, you must make sure to apply for one!

Is Certificate Release after Court Marriage & Online Marriage

Nadra issued the Certificate after the Marriage. Does not matter that Your Marriage is done by the Court or Online. Just Here U need to apply After Marriage By a lawyer in Pakistan.

If Online Marriage Done, Then How Overseas Get The Certificate?

It’s a Very Important Question How overseas Apply for Marriage and Khula Certificate. Here U need to just hire the Lawyer from the Embassy. They Provide the Consultancy About the Lawyer Services.

Which Documents Need for Marriage Certificate?

  • Your Original and Attested Nikah Nama
  • CNIC of Both parties (Groom and Bride)
  • Passport Copy (If you are Overseas then Your Passport Must Need)
  • “B” Form must Need, In case of Your age is less than 18
  • Copy of CNIC of the applicant.

Can I Check the Marriage Registration Certificate Online?

You can check your marriage registration certificate online by visiting the website of the Union Territory where you got married. For example, if you got married in Pakistan, you can check your marriage registration certificate online by visiting the website of Pakistan.

How Much Working Days Need for Marriage Certificate?

The marriage certificate is issued by the Family Court Just in 3 Working Days!


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