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Aazad Law Associates is specialized in a variety of cases specially FIA and family cases. We have a lawyer for FIA cases in Lahore and our FIA lawyers are very much competent. We are also specialized in the field of family cases like Divorce in Pakistan, court marriage & online marriage in Islamabad or Lahore, etc. Muhammad Ali Naeem Aazad is the best Advocate in Lahore who is equally experienced in FIA and family cases & is amongst the best FIA lawyer in Lahore Pakistan and we also have a panel of FIA lawyers in Lahore Pakistan. If you are in search of an FIA lawyer in Pakistan, you may contact our best law firm in Lahore Pakistan.

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FIA lawyer in Lahore:

The federal government of Pakistan has established FIA which is a federal investigation authority in Pakistan headed by the Director-General in federation and province. FIA has a special mandate in terms of special offenses which is dealt with by FIA. A schedule is given in the FIA act 1974 which provides a complete list of those offenses in which FIA deals and for which you can contact FIA lawyer in Lahore Pakistan as we have the panel of the best FIA lawyers in Lahore Pakistan. This list also includes offenses under the foreigner’s act, banking companies’ ordinance, Custom act, foreign assets, Passport act, Drug act, Exit control ordinance, human trafficking, National database, Money laundering, etc. FIA also has separate wings dealing with separate offenses and each wing is specialized in its field. Normally the law is that the law enforcement agency first chalk an FIR and then investigate the matter but the same is not the case with the FIA. FIA first investigate the matter then chalk an FIR and for investigation, the investigation officer of FIA send notices to the concerned party and get assistance from the other departments this is the reason that when a challan is submitted by the FIA in court it contains very few defects and the FIA lawyer in Pakistan for FIA cases have to work very hard on the file.

FIA lawyer in Lahore Pakistan:

FIA in Pakistan also deals in cybercrime and now the cybercrime wing of FIA is very much vigilant and competent to trace the culprit and put the culprit behind the bars but many of the times an innocent person is also trapped. FIA also has a technical wing that can very easily get the record of fingerprints, check signatures, examine documents, get access to the records and check the counterfeited documents. Our law firm Aazad Law Associates is very much competent in handling the cases of cyber crimes and helping both the accused and the affected persons and we can provide legal services to both parties through our FIA lawyers in Lahore Pakistan. So please contact the best FIA lawyer in Lahore Pakistan as Advocate Ali is the best FIA lawyer in Pakistan.

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Aazad Law Associates not only deals in criminal cases like FIA or Police cases but also provides services in family matters such as if anyone wants to get a divorce in Pakistan or is looking for court marriage in Pakistan services we can provide you the services. Court marriage also includes online marriage in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, Multan, and other cities of Pakistan. For online marriage in Pakistan, you can contact us. The female for khula or child custody can also contact us. One of the major issues in the family case is the issue of dowry articles which is in the custody of the husband and which he is not ready to return and the husband has the issue that some precious articles are in the custody of the wife which she is not ready to return, In this scenario, the husband can contact us to get the precious articles back through the court and the wife have the right to have her dowry articles back. Advocate Muhammad Ali Naeem Aazad is the best FIA lawyer in Lahore Pakistan who is an expert both in FIA and family cases and has a panel of expert FIA lawyers in Lahore Pakistan. For the case of divorce in Pakistan especially if you need an Advocate in Lahore Pakistan or for Online marriage in Islamabad please contact us. We also have the best group of FIA lawyer in Pakistan

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To hire the services of an FIA lawyer in Pakistan you may contact our law firm as we have the best of best FIA lawyers in Lahore Pakistan. Advocate Ali is the best FIA lawyer in Lahore Pakistan and if any case is related to the FIA you can contact us for our legal services. We also provide services of family cases like marriages and divorce in Pakistan.