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Description:- Advocate Muhammad Ali Naeem Aazad is the best Anti Narcotics lawyer in Lahore Pakistan and family lawyer who can also guide you the Pakistani marriage registration or register marriage procedure for you. If you have issue of narcotics case in Lahore and if you are looking a Lawyer for Anti Narcotics in Lahore Pakistan please contact us. Advocate Muhammad Ali Naeem Aazad is the best lawyer in Lahore Pakistan for Anti Narcotics

Anti Narcotics:- In simple words anything causing intoxication is narcotics & a separate narcotics department is established by the government to arrest , Investigate and prosecute the accused arrested. The department dealing in arrest, Investigation and prosecution of accused is caused Anti-Narcotics force. Anti-Narcotic force is trained by Pakistani army and it comes under the control of Pakistan army. The punishments under the control of narcotics and substances act 1997 is very severe in nature and the act says that manufacturing, Import, Export, trafficking, financing or aiding the narcotics is punishable with death sentence and life imprisonment depending on the quantity of narcotics. The law on narcotics says that any person involved in the case of narcotics, The property of such person or his relatives, dependents or any other person will be seized. Due to this law of seizure of property some times those relatives who are not connected with the accused gets trapped by the anti-narcotics department and there property also gets seized but through a Anti Narcotics Advocate in Lahore Pakistan such person can file a case in the court and get your property back. A competent lawyer for anti narcotics can help the accused in getting bail and after a trial a anti narcotics lawyer can get the accused acquitted through the court. To get the accused acquitted from the court many things are taken in to the consideration and here is the test of a competent lawyer for anti narcotics. Evidence stage in the narcotics case is of very much importance in deciding the fate of the accused so the lawyer have to keep in front of the court each and every thing which supports the accused such as quantity of narcotics, examination report by chemist, facts mentioned in the FIR and it is the duty of the accused lawyer to cross examine the witnesses at his best to at least create the doubt in the mind of the judge as to the innocence of the accused. It is the duty of the prosecution from Anti Narcotics force to prove their case against the accused. Advocate Muhammad Ali Naeem Aazad is a specialist in the cases of narcotics and is the best Anti Narcotics lawyer in Lahore so if you are looking for an Anti Narcotics lawyer in Lahore Pakistan you can contact Advocate Muhammad Ali Naeem Aazad. Lawyer for Anti Narcotics in Lahore Pakistan need to have special hands on experience on this sensitive issue. Your lawyer can also help you with the remand in Pakistan in these cases.

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