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  • Court Marriage
  • Khula/Divorce
  • Divorce Certificate
  • Single / Unmarried Certificate
  • Property Case
  • Nab Case
  • Civil Case
  • Criminal Cases etc.

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Nadra Marriage Certificate Online Check

Nadra Marriage Certificate Online Check?

The Nadra Marriage Certificate Online Check is Possible or Not? Yes, this is possible through the Lawyer in Lahore and Nadra Portal (Office). Because Nadra Does not Issue any Records related to the Marriage Certificate.

Is Marriage Certificate Nadra Must After Marriage?

The Nadra Marriage Certificate in Pakistan is Must Need after the Marriage in Pakistan. Because it’s a legal document to Show the marriage between two individuals. This Certificate is Issued by the concerned authorities of Nadra.

What Can I Do, if We Lost My Nadra Marriage Papers?

You Can Easily Get the Duplicate Marriage Certificate through the Online Check System and verify the authenticity of their marriage certificates. It is for those females and Males who have lost their original certificates and need to obtain a duplicate copy.

Which Kind of Attested Documents were provided By the ADV Azad Ali:

3 Basic Documents Provided By the ADV Azad Ali.

What is the Union Council Marriage Certificate fee?

The Union Council Marriage Certificate Fee is Depend on the Case. And the Lawyer Will guide you better related to the Union Council Marriage Certificate fee.

How Overseas Apply For Marriage Certificate Pakistan?

If you are Overseas Pakistani & Want to Apply for Marriage Certificate Online then you need to hire a Lawyer. They will get the Marriage Certificate On the behalf of you.

How to Contact With the ADV Azad Ali?

You Need to Call Directly ADV Azad Ali @ + 923464465967 for More Details. Thanks.








Mobile Phone Records – How to Access on Phone Records

Mobile Phone Records:

Mobile phone records in Pakistan and handheld devices Storage Phones (especially smartphones) can store a huge amount of data and may contain a variety of mediums of data like the location of mobile numbers in Pakistan or the call log of any mobile number. Memory cards may be retrieved from phones and analyzed to identify various patterns. International Mobile Equipment Identifier (IMEI) IMEI history shows how many SIMs were utilized on a specific phone. Information about the time, place, and length of time these SIMs were used could be discovered when the IMEI is recognized.

Location of Mobile Number in Pakistan:

This information on location of mobile numbers in Pakistan or the call log of any mobile number is found on the bottom of a mobile or is available by following the below steps. It is possible that devices contain information such as text messages, emails and internet history, photos videos, and call records. These mobile phone records could be instrumental in determining the connection between a suspect and the incident. Also, finding an item and looking at the contents can be helpful in making a profile of the suspect, making it easier to identify the suspect.

Mobile phone record


Call Data Record:

Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) Call Data Record (CDR) CDR gives details of calls made with the SIM. (How many people, to whom, when, and what time the calls were.) IMSI and MSISDN (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) is the most commonly printed number in the SIM. It is the MSISDN (Mobile Systems International Subscriber Identification Number) simply put is the number used to connect calls to a cell phone (Cell Number). Both numbers can be employed to locate the location of mobile numbers in Pakistan or the call log of any mobile number.

What is IMSI Number?

The IMSI number that is retrieved from mobile phone records with the location of the mobile number in Pakistan or call log of any mobile number can help investigators in forensics to determine the country of origin and preferred language of the suspected. Furthermore, information, the figures in the MSISDN can help identify the phone calls and the simultaneous numbers of contacts that were connected to calls’. The LAC number as well as the Cell ID (Local Amount of Coverage) is the name given to an area in which the mobile is communicating.


CELL ID represents the most compact range of coverage available to mobile phones. Both are available from the providers of the network of the SIM found. Together, they can aid in locating the whereabouts of the mobile phone records. Relevance SIMs that look suspicious could be traced back to the person whose name SIM is registered. In addition, SIMs offer numerous other tools for locating and positioning their areas of use (using the Cell ID and LAC). Call record data (CDR) from SIMs or phones can help in locating the suspect at the location of the incident at the exact time the crime was committed. But, CDR along with information regarding the location of mobile numbers in Pakistan or the call log of any mobile number could not prove effective in some situations because often SIMs do not have a registered user under the name or CNIC of the user. If, however, it’s certain that a specific SIM is used by suspects in a particular case, the CDR and other details could prove invaluable.

Similar Storage Device:

Computers, as well as other storage Devices Similar to mobile phone records computers, computers, and other storage devices, could be used to create Mens Rea in the event of any attack. CD/DVD, Mass Storage Devices (Flash Drives, USB, etc.) Relevance These devices may include information like emails, Internet browsing history, Internet chat logs, images as well as images financial records, databases, and event logs which can provide valuable evidence during an investigation or in a prosecution through the location of mobile number in Pakistan or call log of any mobile number.


For instance, in the case of child pornography that took place that was brought in Kasur (2015) the discovery of numerous videos were found in which children were filmed when they were sexually assaulted or sexually assaulted by mature men. The children’s videos were admitted into evidence during the trials of those accused at the ATC. They were used to prove the nature of the crime. The files and computers, internet/browser history. This could include photos, documents, software images, image files, attachments, and e-mail messages as well as databases, financial data, Internet browsing history, log files, chat and event logs, as well as data that is stored on other devices.

Cancellation of an FIR

Cancellation of an FIR:

Our law firm in Pakistan is of the view that in accordance with Police Rule 24 regarding the Cancellation of an FIR in Pakistan, An FIR cannot be canceled without the permission of a magistrate unless the investigation into the incident is transferred to a different department or police station. Our attorney in Pakistan says that an FIR must be canceled if the information provided in accordance with Section 154 of the CrPC is found to be incorrect or is not cognizable, or is something that is to be handled in a civil lawsuit through a law firm in Pakistan or lawyers in Pakistan.

FIR Report:

If it is so, the supervisor must submit the FIR report along with other documents on file together with the final report to a magistrate from the first class to obtain an order of cancellation. After receiving an order from the magistrate, officers in charge of the station will erase the report by drawing an orange line across the end indicating the date and number of the magistrate’s decision.



Police Station At the Time of Drafting FIR:

Regarding the Cancellation of an FIR in Pakistan, What action to take when an offense that occurs in a different Police Station is reported? There are situations in which no doubts have been raised with regard to the jurisdiction of the police station at the time of drafting the FIR. Our lawyers in Pakistan from a law firm in Pakistan say that in the course of an investigation, it is discovered that an incident occurred within the police jurisdiction of another station.

Police Rules:

In this case, the SHO is required, as per Police Rule 25 Provide information to the officer in charge of that police station. After receiving the information, the officer will immediately proceed immediately to the location in which the investigation is taking place and commence the investigation. Our attorney in Pakistan says that the rules should be strictly followed.

Section 154 Of the Code of Criminal Procedure:

In the State v. Maheen Zafar (2018 PCR.LJ 841, the court on Cancellation of an FIR through an attorney in Pakistan decided: “Under section 154 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898, any information that pertains to the accomplices of a cognizable crime that is given in writing to the official in charge at a station will be written by him or at his direction and read out to the person who is in charge, and any information written or written as described above, shall be acknowledged by the person who gave the information, and the contents of the information shall be recorded in a file to be maintained by the officer in charge … should the event of any irregularity in the procedure, including not the signature of the complaint which is not likely to hinder the criminal trial of attorney in Pakistan or damage the prosecution’s case or the prosecution in any manner.

In the same case, the court has through lawyers in Pakistan of our law firm in Pakistan, the same instance was further of opinion: The absence of a signature on the First Information Report by the informant isn’t necessary to the point that it will invalidate the report and invalidate it. If the information is related to the accomplice of a cognizable crime, the information falls under Section of section 154 of the Cr.P.C. and is admissible in the same way, even if the police officer may not have recorded it. In accordance with the law.”

What is Call data record?

What is a Call data record? Suppose you need assistance in the location of mobile number in Pakistan or sim location tracker in Pakistan or call log of any mobile number or want to trace mobile location, you may contact Aazad Law Associates. In reality, the data commonly referred to as “CDR data” usually contains two elements: a) the Call Details Record (CDR) and b) the Call Management Record(CMR), which contains technical information about the call. The CDR is the most critical data. The operator’s Business Support System will retrieve and process the CDRs ( Call data record ) so that bills can be generated or prepaid credit accounts deducted. This data can also be used for commercial purposes to analyze network traffic. CDR records are tagged with the reference number of the subscriber. The New Zealand study (Statistics NZ 2012) was conducted in compliance with the national privacy legislation. This may be a helpful model for data protection compliance in other jurisdictions. Although this paper focuses on natural disasters, it also considers the risk of data disclosure in conflict-related situations. This would require extreme care. In the humanitarian sense of that term, the issue of protection becomes crucial in an emergency when there is a potential or actual conflict or targeted specific groups.

This will impact the handling of data and information dissemination for the location of mobile number in Pakistan or sim location tracker in Pakistan or call log of any mobile number or want to trace mobile location. Even if individuals or families are not identifiable, targeting particular communities by armed groups is possible. Displaced people are often especially vulnerable. When governments are suspected of violating the human rights of displaced persons, such as forced resettlement or other coercive measures, ethical considerations regarding data and information release might also be required. Standard Operational Datasets and Fundamental Operational Databases: A set of defined baseline and other data should be available immediately after a new emergency. Metadata is a term that means “data about data” and is essential in humanitarian information management. It refers to CDR- Call data record derived datasets. The second risk category, the possibility of drawing wrong conclusions from CDR-derived information products, should be considered in humanitarian practice. However, it should be noted that while an alternative source of information is unlikely, operational or resource allocation decisions must still be made.

Call data record

Many of the references in this blog for the location of mobile number in Pakistan or sim location tracker in Pakistan or call log of any mobile number or want to trace mobile location have highlighted potential sources of bias in CDR-derived data. Mobile phone ownership and usage are not evenly distributed across the population. This is the primary concern. Uneven technology use within communities is a concern. This was highlighted by the effects of the 2011 Japan earthquake/tsunami. Older people were more likely to die from the tsunami because they weren’t regular mobile phone users. The Haiti study team pointed out that mobile phone usage may be lower among the poorest, children and women. Potentially limiting opportunities to make calls and generate CDRs ( Call data record )may be due to spatial or temporal variations in-network coverage. For example, gaps in the data will result from people moving to areas not covered by cell networks, pre-or post-disaster. Conclusions and next steps Strong results from the New Zealand and Haiti studies, supported by solid social science research in other contexts, suggest that.

The location of mobile numbers in Pakistan or sim location tracker in Pakistan or call log of any mobile number or want to trace mobile location inferred spatial patterns of life have a high potential for predicting population displacement during disasters. This method has great potential to be of value as it can quickly fill in a gap in existing processes. It can also determine the possible geographical extent and size of a disaster’s ‘footprint’ beyond the actual physical impact. And finally, to provide the best relief assistance to the displaced people in need. It is still to be seen if the method can detect displacement’s scale (numbers). This could be done by comparing it with other data. (CDR) Call data record, derived information products must be received promptly if they are to be used during the critical early stages of the MIRA evaluation process. The target is 72 hours after the disaster. It is possible to have significant organizational and logistical difficulties in acquiring, processing, and analyzing new post-disaster mobile phone data immediately after a disaster.

Importants of Nadra’s Marriage Certificate

What is Nadra’s Marriage Certificate?

The Nadra Marriage Certificate is a Record of Marriage between the Husband and Wife. In Marriage Certificate All the Information Available About the Date of Marriage, etc. Its Issue by the Family Court after Court Marriage in Pakistan.

Why The Marriage Certificate is Important?

The Marriage Certificate Nadra is Important, the Some Valid Reasons are Given Below!

  • It is Proof that you are a Married Person.
  • It Also Shows That Your Marriage is 100% Legal
  • You Can Easily Claim Your tax Benefit and Social Assistance

Without Marriage Certificate in Pakistan!

Without a Certificate of Marriage, How can you show that you are a Marriage Person? Not having a marriage certificate can cause you a lot of problems when it comes to dealing with things like legal, medical, and financial issues. So, you must make sure to apply for one!

Is Certificate Release after Court Marriage & Online Marriage

Nadra issued the Certificate after the Marriage. Does not matter that Your Marriage is done by the Court or Online. Just Here U need to apply After Marriage By a lawyer in Pakistan.

If Online Marriage Done, Then How Overseas Get The Certificate?

It’s a Very Important Question How overseas Apply for Marriage and Khula Certificate. Here U need to just hire the Lawyer from the Embassy. They Provide the Consultancy About the Lawyer Services.

Which Documents Need for Marriage Certificate?

  • Your Original and Attested Nikah Nama
  • CNIC of Both parties (Groom and Bride)
  • Passport Copy (If you are Overseas then Your Passport Must Need)
  • “B” Form must Need, In case of Your age is less than 18
  • Copy of CNIC of the applicant.

Can I Check the Marriage Registration Certificate Online?

You can check your marriage registration certificate online by visiting the website of the Union Territory where you got married. For example, if you got married in Pakistan, you can check your marriage registration certificate online by visiting the website of Pakistan.

How Much Working Days Need for Marriage Certificate?

The marriage certificate is issued by the Family Court Just in 3 Working Days!


How to Become a Lawyer in Pakistan?

How to Become a Lawyer in Pakistan?

In Pakistan Lot of Educational institutes are available that Offer Law Courses. If you wish to become a lawyer in Lahore then here you should do some research and find the educational institute of your choice. Thousands of educational schools and after passing the Intermediate with good and high standards, you can become a legal practitioner after completing your four-year degree. In 4-year degree (1.5 years in college and 2 years in the Law House).

Is the Lawyer Get the License After Law Practicing?

Yes, Why Not. You can easily get the License for law Practicing after passing the bar council exam. Now the bar council exam is Divided into 2 parts.

1 In which know the candidate’s requisite knowledge of the law

2 test the Skills of the Candidate in Advocacy.

Bar Association of Pakistan:

BAOP Stands for Bar Association of Pakistan. It is the Official organization for the Pakistani Lawyer in Lahore. The Main office of the Bar Association of Pakistan in Karachi.

Who is the Apes Body of Pakistani Advocate?

The Bar Association of Pakistan is the Main Hub of Lawyers. The main role of the Bar Association of Pakistan is to set the rules, standards, and ethics for lawyers.

What is the Most Common Practice of Law?

  • Civil Case
  • Family Case
  • Criminal Case
  • Tax Case
  • Personal Injury Case
  • Bankruptcy Case etc.

Can I practice in High Court after LLB?

Most Lawyers ask questions can I practice in High Court after LLB. It totally depends upon the jurisdiction you opt for. After passing the LLB Degree you can become a lawyer but not possible to do the practicing in the high court. If you want to do the practicing in high court then you need to get the LLM Degree or you should have completed one year under an advocate in a subordinate court. Azad Law Firms in Lahore is best for law practicing.

How Can Lawyer Make Money?

After Becoming a Lawyer in Pakistan, You can run your law firm and join an existing one. After Becoming a Successful Lawyer, You can make a Lot of Money but it is not easy. A lawyer’s income is highly dependent on the type of practice sector they’re in, and the location of their practice. A Lawyer earns Just a Few of Thousand and Other Lawyers earn thousand to lacks so it all depends upon the lawyer practice sector.





Partnership registration in Pakistan


Partnership registration in Pakistan:

A Partnership registration in Pakistan is composed of two or more persons working together in a business enterprise, usually based on a partnership agreement in Pakistan. A relatively simple way to do business, the partnership business in Pakistan is not as complicated as the corporation. Also, the registration of partnership in Pakistan has advantages and disadvantages as compared to the sole proprietorship and the corporation. As in any new business venture, in the early stages capital will be needed. The partners may have to use their credit. Each partner is personally responsible for the debts and credit arrangements of any other partners and of the business itself. After the formation of partnership in Pakistan has accumulated assets and can show an earnings history, a credit will usually be extended to the enterprise without the personal guarantees of the principal parties. Each partner may act for all the others. The partnership form of doing business is governed in most states by statute. These laws set out, in detail, the rights and obligations of partners where no formal partnership agreement exists. However, most partnerships do—and should—operate under the terms of a partnership agreement in Pakistan. The agreement spells out all the relative rights and obligations of the parties, describes the business in detail, enumerates its objectives, and indicates the investment or contributions of each partner. Some general observations can be made regarding the typical partnership as it is ordinarily set out in a partnership agreement. If you have questions as to how to register partnership in Pakistan you can contact us directly.


Duration of partnership business in Pakistan:

The length of time a partnership business in Pakistan will endure depends on the terms of the agreement. Ordinarily, the agreement provides that the partnership will continue for an indefinite period until it is terminated by the death of a partner, by a voluntary act of the partners, by the insolvency or bankruptcy of one of the partners, by improper activity on the part of a partner, or by other means. The partnership agreement may specify that the partnership registration in Pakistan does not terminate or will not be dissolved on the death of a partner. Such a partnership continues so long as there are two or more partners. The remaining partners have the right to purchase the share of the deceased partner from his estate. Business insurance can help to facilitate the financing of the buy-out agreement in such a case. Unlike a corporation, the registration of partnership in Pakistan is not separate and distinct from the partners. The liability of the general partners in a formation of partnership in Pakistan is individual to each of them and applies to all partnership obligations throughout the life of the agreement. Limited partners or other special partners may, however, have their liability limited to their investment only.
partnership registration in Pakistan

Changes and Limitations in the registration of partnership in Pakistan:

If an existing registration of partnership in Pakistan decides to take in a new partner, the “old” partnership should be terminated and a new one created. All of the former partners should give their consent. If one of the partners wants to retire, arrangements have to be made to protect him insofar as partnership debts are concerned. Thus no creditor can recover from the partner who has resigned or retired. The partnership agreement must either provide for such contingencies or it must be amended. A new partnership agreement may have to be drawn up to incorporate changes. The partnership business in Pakistan can raise capital only in certain ways. Loans may involve the individual guarantees of all the partners. New partners may bring in additional capital. Additional contributions may be required of the present members of the partnership. Management of the partnership registration in Pakistan ordinarily requires the unanimous agreement of all the partners. But one partner may be appointed managing partner under a partnership agreement, giving him responsibility for the day-to-day management decisions. Policy-making authority may thus reside in all the partners together or in the managing partner alone. Problems may, of course, arise, especially where the partners have equal management responsibility. A formation of partnership in Pakistan has a degree of flexibility in conducting business operations. But the basic agreement should specify the nature of the partnership and the work to be done. The partnership should not engage in any activity not specified in the agreement.

Taxation and formation of partnership in Pakistan:

In so far as taxation is concerned, the formation of partnership in Pakistan has only to file a federal information return for income tax purposes. The partnership itself pays no income tax, in brief. Rather, it distributes its income to the individual partners who are taxed on their proportionate shares of the partnership income. That income may or may not be distributed to the partners during the taxable year. Partners are taxed on distributed earnings, on accumulated earnings, and their proportionate shares of all gains and losses of the partnership. Partners also use the same methods of determining capital gains and losses that they would use in individual sole proprietorships. The partnership business in Pakistan return shows the amount distributable to the partners; they in turn report this income on their own individual income tax returns. As regards charitable contributions, partners again figure in their proportionate shares of any partnership contributions when computing income. Pension and profit-sharing plans are available to partners, but only in the limited amount permitted to self-employed persons under the current federal income tax laws. An income tax deduction may be permitted for a limited pension and profit-sharing program. Like self-employed persons, partners have to pay their self-employment tax. If a partner wishes to sell his share, or assign income or interest in the partnership, he ordinarily has to have the consent of all the other partners. A new partnership may result.


A partnership registration in Pakistan implies a very close relationship. It should be entered into only with someone in whom you have the utmost confidence and faith, someone who gets along well with you and whose spouse gets along well with your spouse. Make no mistake: more partnerships have been dissolved for reasons of personal animosity that arises during the partnership period than through lack of business success. Examples of partnerships that failed are numerous. Some famous show-business partnerships have been broken up because of conflicts between the spouses of the partners. The human element is as important as the business element in the successful operation of any partnership business in Pakistan. Before entering into such an arrangement, the potential partner should know the person he wants to enter into business with, know the spouse, and reach an affirmative conclusion after study of all the business and personal ramifications.

Sole Proprietorship in Pakistan-Registration

Sole Proprietorship in Pakistan:

To register sole proprietorship in Pakistan is perhaps the simplest organizational format. A Sole Proprietorship business in Pakistan is registered when there is only one owner. Sole Proprietorship Registration in Pakistan can be done through our law firm. Sole Proprietorship business registration in Pakistan is not complicated. It may be the best way for an individual to start on a small scale. In a typical situation, a person wants to operate a franchise. He will likely be the sole owner. Just as likely, he will not need additional capital, at least in the beginning, and the business will probably not grow to the point where the owner will need outside help.  The sole proprietorship in Pakistan is the answer. One person is the boss; he has only himself to answer to. He can give orders freely if he has employees, and has only his tax situation to worry about. If the business remains small, he can keep a finger on the growth pattern and operating costs. Many of the complicated matters that arise under the corporate form of doing business, or even the partnership form, can be controlled.  Under the laws of Pakistan, operating a business under an assumed or fictitious name requires, initially, that the necessary information be filed with the county and state authorities. The information includes the name to be used and the names and addresses of all persons interested in the business. Filing is required so that individuals dealing with the business will be able to ascertain which parties have an interest• in the business should the need ever arise. Typically, state law might be called an Assumed Names Act.  For example, to do the Sole Proprietorship business in Pakistan under the trade name “Azad Food Market,” it would be necessary to register the company name and the names and addresses of all persons interested in the name. If ownership changes, an amendment to the filing will have to be made. New information would include the name of the new owner, whether a partnership is created, and the names of any new partners if added in Sole Proprietorship registration in Pakistan. You can contact our law firm to register Sole Proprietorship in Pakistan

Sole Proprietorship in Pakistan

To register Sole Proprietorship in Pakistan is much easier as compared to the past. Everyone has read, at one time or another, that opportunities in Pakistan are less numerous than they used to be. Stories abound— about the small business person, his or her problems, the bankruptcies that occur with greater frequency, and other data that seem to support the basic proposition.  The Business Opportunity sections in the daily newspaper none the fewer list numbers of enterprises that appeal to the small businessman, the person who is thinking of adopting a new way of life, and others. Franchise operations offer just one example of a field that expanded rapidly after the Sole Proprietorship business in Pakistan, creating thousands of opportunities.  More and more professional and business people are changing their lifestyles and their occupations. Despite whatever business or financial success they may have achieved, they launch new searches for occupations with more meaning for them and their families. Not unusually, a husband or wife may decide to start a family business after Sole Proprietorship registration in Pakistan and to make whatever adjustments in lifestyle may be necessary.  This blog deals with the problems of the individual seeking to operate a small business or to start on a new line of work through Sole Proprietorship business registration in Pakistan. What form of business enterprise will be best suited for one’s family or for others who may come into the business later? How to raise capital and do all the things that have to be done to make a business operation succeed. Some basic answers will provide guidelines.

Location of mobile number in Pakistan


: Location of mobile number in Pakistan is of much importance as the mobile location by number is helpful in resolving many issues especially mobile location finder in Pakistan is helpful in resolving criminal cases by law enforcement agencies. Mobile location finder in Pakistan is not only helpful in criminal cases but also resolves issues in civil cases and it is also helpful in domestic issues. Mobile location tracker in Pakistan is provided by the cellular companies on court orders or on the request of law enforcement agencies. If you need more information as to how to trace mobile location in Pakistan legally you can contact our law firm in Lahore Pakistan as we assist you in knowing how to get the location of mobile number in Pakistan through legal means. You can contact us at 0-346-44-65-967 and we will assist you in information on obtaining the location of mobile number in Pakistan.


: Mobile location by number in Pakistan is provided by the cellular network companies on the court orders or on the request of law enforcement agencies. The location of mobile number in Pakistan can be obtained by providing the mobile number to the network company. Mobile location finder in Pakistan works through data provided by cellular network companies.  Many apps are available online as mobile location tracker in Pakistan but all of them are fake or they don’t work. You can trace mobile in Pakistan only through the data provided by the cellular network company. If you need knowledge about the mobile location by number then contact us as we will assist you.

Location of mobile number in Pakistan


: There is no such app as a mobile location finder in Pakistan though you will find many 90% are fake and the rest don’t provide you the exact data. No cellular network company is associated with any of these apps as it will be against the privacy law of a customer. The location of mobile number in Pakistan can only be obtained through the cellular network company. Mobile location by number should be obtained through legal channels else it will be an issue for you. There is no such thing as a mobile location finder in Pakistan or a Mobile location tracker in Pakistan. You can trace mobile location in Pakistan by legal means and it is not open for anyone to request the company to provide the call location of mobile number in Pakistan.


: Mobile location tracker in Pakistan can be installed to know the location of mobile in Pakistan but for that, you need to have access to that mobile which you want to trace. You can install the app of mobile location finder in Pakistan but obviously if do not have the mobile which you want to trace then you cannot install it. Some people even after installing the mobile location tracker in Pakistan in mobile get caught because the person using that mobile will easily figure out that someone is violating his or her privacy and you can be jailed for that. You can trace mobile location in Pakistan through mobile number which is safe enough. There is zero percent chance of being caught if you get mobile location by number as in this way the person on whose number you are trying to spy is not informed.


: To trace mobile location in Pakistan you need to have a location record from the cellular network. The location of mobile number in Pakistan does not come separately. Mobile location by number in Pakistan comes with other details like incoming calls, SMS, time, duration, IMEI, etc. The only mobile location finder in Pakistan is the company that gives records only on court orders which your lawyer can get you. No app of mobile location tracker in Pakistan is good or legal so better hire a lawyer in Lahore Pakistan if you need knowledge of the location of mobile number in Pakistan. We can assist you in getting knowledge of mobile location by number so contact us at 0-346-44-65-967.