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Mobile Phone Records:

Mobile phone records in Pakistan and handheld devices Storage Phones (especially smartphones) can store a huge amount of data and may contain a variety of mediums of data like the location of mobile numbers in Pakistan or the call log of any mobile number. Memory cards may be retrieved from phones and analyzed to identify various patterns. International Mobile Equipment Identifier (IMEI) IMEI history shows how many SIMs were utilized on a specific phone. Information about the time, place, and length of time these SIMs were used could be discovered when the IMEI is recognized. Obtaining mobile phone records in Pakistan illegally is a crime.

Location of Mobile Number in Pakistan:

This information on location of mobile numbers in Pakistan or the call log of any mobile number is found on the bottom of a mobile or is available by following the below steps. It is possible that devices contain information such as text messages, emails and internet history, photos videos, and call records. These mobile phone records could be instrumental in determining the connection between a suspect and the incident. Also, finding an item and looking at the contents can be helpful in making a profile of the suspect, making it easier to identify the suspect.

Mobile phone record


Call Data Record:

Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) Call Data Record (CDR) CDR gives details of calls made with the SIM. (How many people, to whom, when, and what time the calls were.) IMSI and MSISDN (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) is the most commonly printed number in the SIM. It is the MSISDN (Mobile Systems International Subscriber Identification Number) simply put is the number used to connect calls to a cell phone (Cell Number). Both numbers can be employed to locate the location of mobile numbers in Pakistan or the call log of any mobile number.

What is IMSI Number?

The IMSI number that is retrieved from mobile phone records with the location of the mobile number in Pakistan or call log of any mobile number can help investigators in forensics to determine the country of origin and preferred language of the suspected. Furthermore, information, from the figures in the MSISDN can help identify the phone calls and the simultaneous numbers of contacts that were connected to calls’. The LAC number as well as the Cell ID (Local Amount of Coverage) is the name given to an area in which the mobile is communicating.


CELL ID represents the most compact range of coverage available to mobile phones. Both are available from the providers of the network of the SIM found. Together, they can aid in locating the whereabouts of the mobile phone records. Relevance SIMs that look suspicious could be traced back to the person whose name SIM is registered. In addition, SIMs offer numerous other tools for locating and positioning their areas of use (using the Cell ID and LAC). Call record data (CDR) from SIMs or phones can help in locating the suspect at the location of the incident at the exact time the crime was committed. But, CDR along with information regarding the location of mobile numbers in Pakistan or the call log of any mobile number could not prove effective in some situations because often SIMs do not have a registered user under the name or CNIC of the user. If, however, it’s certain that a specific SIM is used by suspects in a particular case, the CDR and other details could prove invaluable.

Similar Storage Device:

Computers, as well as other storage Devices Similar to mobile phone records computers, computers, and other storage devices, could be used to create Mens Rea in the event of any attack. CD/DVD, Mass Storage Devices (Flash Drives, USB, etc.) Relevance These devices may include information like emails, Internet browsing history, Internet chat logs, images as well as images financial records, databases, and event logs which can provide valuable evidence during an investigation or in a prosecution through the location of mobile number in Pakistan or call log of any mobile number.


For instance, in the case of child pornography that took place that was brought in Kasur (2015) the discovery of numerous videos were found in which children were filmed when they were sexually assaulted or sexually assaulted by mature men. The children’s videos were admitted into evidence during the trials of those accused at the ATC. They were used to prove the nature of the crime. The files and computers, internet/browser history. This could include photos, documents, software images, image files, attachments, and e-mail messages as well as databases, financial data, Internet browsing history, log files, chat and event logs, as well as data that is stored on other devices.

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