Cancellation of an FIR

Cancellation of an FIR:

Our law firm in Pakistan is of the view that in accordance with Police Rule 24 regarding the Cancellation of an FIR in Pakistan, An FIR cannot be canceled without the permission of a magistrate unless the investigation into the incident is transferred to a different department or police station. Our attorney in Pakistan says that an FIR must be canceled if the information provided in accordance with Section 154 of the CrPC is found to be incorrect or is not cognizable, or is something that is to be handled in a civil lawsuit through a law firm in Pakistan or lawyers in Pakistan.

FIR Report:

If it is so, the supervisor must submit the FIR report along with other documents on file together with the final report to a magistrate from the first class to obtain an order of cancellation. After receiving an order from the magistrate, officers in charge of the station will erase the report by drawing an orange line across the end indicating the date and number of the magistrate’s decision.



Police Station At the Time of Drafting FIR:

Regarding the Cancellation of an FIR in Pakistan, What action to take when an offense that occurs in a different Police Station is reported? There are situations in which no doubts have been raised with regard to the jurisdiction of the police station at the time of drafting the FIR. Our lawyers in Pakistan from a law firm in Pakistan say that in the course of an investigation, it is discovered that an incident occurred within the police jurisdiction of another station.

Police Rules:

In this case, the SHO is required, as per Police Rule 25 Provide information to the officer in charge of that police station. After receiving the information, the officer will immediately proceed immediately to the location in which the investigation is taking place and commence the investigation. Our attorney in Pakistan says that the rules should be strictly followed.

Section 154 Of the Code of Criminal Procedure:

In the State v. Maheen Zafar (2018 PCR.LJ 841, the court on Cancellation of an FIR through an attorney in Pakistan decided: “Under section 154 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898, any information that pertains to the accomplices of a cognizable crime that is given in writing to the official in charge at a station will be written by him or at his direction and read out to the person who is in charge, and any information written or written as described above, shall be acknowledged by the person who gave the information, and the contents of the information shall be recorded in a file to be maintained by the officer in charge … should the event of any irregularity in the procedure, including not the signature of the complaint which is not likely to hinder the criminal trial of attorney in Pakistan or damage the prosecution’s case or the prosecution in any manner.

In the same case, the court has through lawyers in Pakistan of our law firm in Pakistan, the same instance was further of opinion: The absence of a signature on the First Information Report by the informant isn’t necessary to the point that it will invalidate the report and invalidate it. If the information is related to the accomplice of a cognizable crime, the information falls under Section of section 154 of the Cr.P.C. and is admissible in the same way, even if the police officer may not have recorded it. In accordance with the law.”