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How to Become a Lawyer in Pakistan?

In Pakistan Lot of Educational institutes are available that Offer Law Courses. If you wish to become a lawyer in Lahore then here you should do some research and find the educational institute of your choice. Thousands of educational schools and after passing the Intermediate with good and high standards, you can become a legal practitioner after completing your four-year degree. In 4-year degree (1.5 years in college and 2 years in the Law House).

Is the Lawyer Get the License After Law Practicing?

Yes, Why Not. You can easily get the License for law Practicing after passing the bar council exam. Now the bar council exam is Divided into 2 parts.

1 In which know the candidate’s requisite knowledge of the law

2 test the Skills of the Candidate in Advocacy.

Bar Association of Pakistan:

BAOP Stands for Bar Association of Pakistan. It is the Official organization for the Pakistani Lawyer in Lahore. The Main office of the Bar Association of Pakistan in Karachi.

Who is the Apes Body of Pakistani Advocate?

The Bar Association of Pakistan is the Main Hub of Lawyers. The main role of the Bar Association of Pakistan is to set the rules, standards, and ethics for lawyers.

What is the Most Common Practice of Law?

  • Civil Case
  • Family Case
  • Criminal Case
  • Tax Case
  • Personal Injury Case
  • Bankruptcy Case etc.

Can I practice in High Court after LLB?

Most Lawyers ask questions can I practice in High Court after LLB. It totally depends upon the jurisdiction you opt for. After passing the LLB Degree you can become a lawyer but not possible to do the practicing in the high court. If you want to do the practicing in high court then you need to get the LLM Degree or you should have completed one year under an advocate in a subordinate court. Aazad Law Firm in Lahore is best for law practicing.

How Can Lawyer Make Money?

After Becoming a Lawyer in Pakistan, You can run your law firm and join an existing one. After Becoming a Successful Lawyer, You can make a Lot of Money but it is not easy. A lawyer’s income is highly dependent on the type of practice sector they’re in, and the location of their practice. A Lawyer earns Just a Few of Thousand and Other Lawyers earn thousand to lacks so it all depends upon the lawyer practice sector.





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