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Property cases

One of the major legal issue in Pakistan is Property issues. A person saves money for all his life just to purchase property but unfortunately whole of his money gets wasted when a legal issue related to that property comes up in Pakistan so it is very much suggested to contact a property case lawyer before you sell or purchase a property because a property case lawyer in Pakistan will save you from all kinds of frauds related to the property. Advocate Muhammad Ali Naeem Aazad is the best lawyer for property cases in Lahore Pakistan who can be contacted for all legal issues related to the property which includes any fraud with property or alienation or transfer of property in Lahore Pakistan. Advocate Muhammad Ali Naeem Aazad is the top property lawyer in Lahore Pakistan. When any fraud happens with the property then the aggrieved party have two remedies available. One is civil remedy and the other is criminal. Normally when any fraud happens with the property in Pakistan the aggrieved party go for an FIR and if bail is granted, then the aggrieved party thinks that it’s all over but this is not the end. Bail is a temporary relaxation to the accused that he may not be put behind the bars till the conclusion of trial. The aggrieved party is strongly suggested to contest the complete trial and at the same time file a civil case of recovery of amount. In trial the accused will get punishment for what he has done and in recovery case the aggrieved party will get the amount delivered to the accused. Anyone can contact Aazad Law Associates for the lawyer for property cases in Lahore and can avail the services of Advocate Muhammad Ali Naeem Aazad who is a best lawyer for property cases in Lahore Pakistan. If any party needs any stay order or injunction whether temporary or permanent can also contact our property lawyer in Lahore Advocate Muhammad Ali Naeem Aazad who is one of the best property lawyer in Lahore Pakistan

Dowry articles and Personal belongings of wife is also a property so our law firm can also be contacted for the recovery of dowry articles in Lahore Pakistan. Pakistan marriage law is very clear and makes sure the recovery of dowry articles as per the Pakistan marriage law.

Aazad Law Associates can also be contacted if you wish to gift / transfer / lease / Rent /  Sale / Exchange / Mortgage or transfer the property by any other mode.

Property of deceased cannot be sold by the legal heir unless it’s been transferred in the name of legal heirs. When a person dies leaving behind a property then the first step for the legal heirs is to file a suit for declaration in the civil court. The civil court will declare that who are the legal heirs of the property and will also declare their shares. Once the legal heirs gets a decree from court then they can transfer the property in their own name and sell it. Without declaring from the court that they are legal heirs of the deceased property and without declaring their shares in the property the legal heirs cannot sell the property.