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Online marriage

For all those citizens of Pakistan who live abroad or in far cities of Pakistan who does not have much time to even attend their marriage or due to some reasons they cannot be at the same time and place of marriage for all those people the law have relaxation and they can perform Online marriage in Pakistan by appointing a Lawyer. Pakistani nationals living abroad can also avail this opportunity and get the services of Online marriage in Lahore Pakistan. For availing the services of online marriage in Pakistan it is not necessary that both the spouse should be a Pakistani citizen. Where any one of the spouse is a citizen of Pakistan can get the services of online marriage in Lahore Pakistan. Where any one of the spouse is a Pakistani national have to register his or hers marriage in Pakistan and that is not an option but it is necessary and mandatory by law. If any one of your partner is in Pakistan and for some reason you cannot come to Pakistan or call your partner abroad then you can avail this opportunity and go for online marriage and have it registered here in Pakistan with complete legal protection. All those people who are not the citizens of Pakistan but at least have once visited Pakistan can also have their marriage registered in Pakistan. We are the best in Online marriage in Lahore Pakistan so contact us for Online marriage in Lahore Pakistan. We have conducted hundred of Online marriage in Pakistan and Online nikah in Lahore.  For Online nikah in Pakistan we also have specialized nikah khawan in Pakistan. We have registered nikah khawan for Online nikah in Pakistan

In Middle East countries like U.A.E, Saudia Arabia, Oman, Iraq etc. a female cannot perform nikah without a wali but there is no such condition in Pakistan. No wali is required to perform online nikah in Pakistan so all those Pakistani nationals who are living in Middle East can get online nikah in Pakistan done by appointing an expert lawyer. A special clause is put in the Pakistani nikah nama which talks about appointing a lawyer and those Pakistani or foreigner who are living abroad but wanted to have their marriage registered in Pakistan have to appoint a lawyer in Pakistan through Pakistani embassy who will perform and conduct the documentation for their online nikah in Lahore Pakistan. We are expert in registration of Online marriage in Pakistan or Online nikah in Lahore.

Aazad Law Associates is the best and one of the pioneer Law firms in terms of online marriage or Nikah in Pakistan and provides the best services for all its clients. We have done more than 1000 online marriages all over the world and we have clients in every country. Marriage services of foreigners and Pakistani nationals are done through embassy but we also know a way out and legal procedure of online marriage through which the client don’t even need to go to the embassy. In online marriage we as per the needs and requirements of the client provide them the following documents.

  • Manual urdu nikahnama
  • Nadra marriage certificate
  • English translation
  • Arabic translation
  • Attested copy of petition
  • Attested copy of court orders
  • Attested copy of affidavit
  • Attested copy of statement

Many of the Pakistani citizens wish of spouse visa in European countries but for many reasons they cannot avail this opportunity but now it is a golden time for them to get a spouse visa by just getting a marriage certificate legally issued from Pakistan.

To avail the services of online marriage please contact Aazad Law Associates who can get your marriage done with all legal protection. We also provide services of online nikah in Lahore Pakistan

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