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Right for court marriage procedure in Pakistan of male and female of his or her own choice is a fundamental right and Pakistani laws provide complete legal protection to the spouse who comes for court marriage in Pakistan.  Aazad Law Associates is a pioneer law firm which provides legal services in terms of court marriage in Lahore Pakistan and other cities of Pakistan. We also deal in foreign marriage in Pakistan and provide services to Pakistani Nationals / Foreign Nationals who wishes to marry in Pakistan or get their marriage registered in Pakistan. We can have your registration of court marriage quickly. For court marriage in Lahore Pakistan is are the right choice. We can conduct your procedure of court marriage in Pakistan as per the requirements of our client and have the registration of court marriage in Lahore Pakistan by all means

By law the marriage in Pakistan is a civil contract between husband and wife. Therefore the registration of court marriage in necessary and its non registration is considered to be a crime. We can get your court marriage registered and provide you with the marriage certificate in Pakistan as soon as one hour. The court marriage in Lahore Pakistan takes about 2 to 3 hours and a complete legal protection is also provided to the spouse so that no illegal action could be taken against them.

Court marriage procedure in PakistanWe require copies of identity card of both male and female for the court marriage in Pakistan. Copies of identity card is used in court marriage as a proof of age therefore if someone do not have a copy of id card then any other document like B-Form, School or college mark sheet or degree etc can be used. Two pictures of male and female are also required for the record.

In Punjab Pakistan the age of court marriage is the age of puberty and not age of majority which means when a female is capable enough to have sex she can marry. So for the court marriage procedure in Pakistan, The females who are not of 18 years of age can also have their marriage registered.

The procedure of court marriage in Pakistan only takes about 2 hours and we have made the procedure of court marriage in Pakistan very easy for our clients. All you need to do is to contact us at least one hour before you have decided to have your court marriage done so that we could make the arrangements and finish your work in time.

In court marriage we will also take you to the court in which we will have your statement recorded before a magistrate that you have done this court marriage with your free will and consent and there were no threat or compulsion on you which will provide you the complete legal protection and will save you from all legal consequences.

At the end of the process of court marriage we will provide you five documents which you will need as a proof of your court marriage and these documents will also give you complete security and protection against frivolous litigation.

  • Attested Marriage certificate
  • Attested copy of petition
  • Attested of affidavit
  • Attested copy of court orders
  • Attested copy statement U/S 164

All you need to do is to contact Advocate Muhammad Ali Naeem Azad who will suggest you the best procedure which will be adopted for your court marriage procedure in Pakistan. The above mentioned is the standard procedure of court marriage in Pakistan but there are other ways and procedures also as per the needs and requirements of the client and we will suggest you the best legal advice whether within the books or out of books as you know everything is possible in Pakistan.

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