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The increasing corporate sector in Pakistan have invited the Government to impose strict rules and penalties. Company registration in Pakistan gives the company a legal entity so until your company is not registered in Pakistan your company have no legal entity at all and non registration of company in Pakistan is itself a crime. Heavy penalties are imposed nowadays in Pakistan if your firm is not registered. Even after the registration the liability of the company is not over still there is much more to do specially the returns of the company needs to be filed in time. Tax of company is paid only on the taxable amount and if the revenue does not exceed the taxable amount then the returns of company are filed as null but there is no exemption to filing of returns. Among the best corporate lawyers in Lahore Aazad Law Associates provides the best corporate lawyer in Lahore Pakistan for all types of company registration in Pakistan and handles the company registration procedure in Pakistan with due care & diligence. So if you are searching for a corporate lawyer in Lahore Pakistan then you can contact us to hire a corporate lawyer in Lahore Pakistan

For the firm registration in Pakistan also you are free to contact Aazad Law Associates as we are an expert in registration of firms in Pakistan. Firm registration in Pakistan is the registration of partnership which means at least two people are required as partners for the registration of firms. Firm registration in Punjab Pakistan is much easier as compared to the company registration and the registration process completes very quickly. As compared to company registration very less formalities are required for the registration of firm.

If you are looking for any license to operate your business then do contact Aazad Law Associates as we can also get you a license to operate your business such as call center license, Food license, Manufacturing license, Import export license etc. Aazad Law Associates is the best in the market to get you the license at fair rates and within time so that you can operate your business with legal authority.

Many major and multinational companies are working with Aazad Law Associates and our law firm have completed the registration process for them and got them the necessary licenses and today they are huge in revenue and gained much repute all over the world.

NTN or National Tax Number is very important. NTN can be individual or business. For the firm registration all the partners need to have an individual NTN followed by Firm NTN. For Company also all the directors should have individual NTN followed by the company NTN.

For all types of corporate cases you can contact Aazad Law Associates for the solution of all corporate cases which includes income tax , Banking court cases, Taxation matters, Joint venture, Insolvency, Patent rights, Business issues, Trade mark, Intellectual property, Copy rights etc. Aazad Law Associates is the solution for all your legal business issues so you can contact Advocate Muhammad Ali Naeem Aazad the CEO of Aazad Law Associates directly and have all your issues resolved in time and fair prices.