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Consumer cases

There was a time in the world where consumers had no right but today in the era of industrialization consumers are given many rights and privileges. Pakistan recently have passed consumer protection act 2005 and consumer protection rules 2009 for protecting the rights of consumers. Our expert lawyer for consumer cases follows the procedure of consumer courts in Pakistan and safeguards the consumer rights in Pakistan. We are based in Lahore so we appear in consumer court in Lahore only. Aazad Law Associates can provide you the best consumer court Lawyer and Advocate Ali is the best consumer court Lawyer in Lahore Pakistan

Consumer court in Lahore and in all over Pakistan disposes of the cases summarily and quick relief is given by the court and unlike other courts in Pakistan consumer court in Lahore and Pakistan finishes the cases on a rapid speed and safeguards the consumer rights in Pakistan.

Procedure of consumer courts in Pakistan is different than the other courts in Pakistan for the reason that the consumer courts deals with a specific law related to the consumers only. Consumers have the right to get receipt of the products purchased and it is the duty of the seller to give receipts to the buyers. Not giving a receipt to the buyer is a crime itself and to file a case in consumer court by a consumer that with the case the customer have to attach the receipt however if don’t have the receipt or the receipt by the seller was not given then along with the case the consumer will also file a complain that there receipt was deliberately not given to him by the seller which is a separate offence and a separate charge sheet against the seller.

The procedure of consumer act also says that before filling a case by the consumer against the seller the consumer have to give a legal notice in writing to the seller in which he have to mention his grievance and claim the damages or any other thing which he think appropriate. The legal notice to be sent will be through a lawyer duly attested by him and in this legal notice the consumer will also give the seller a time of 14 days to accept his claim or to reply in writing.

The good thing about the consumer laws are that the consumer courts while granting the relief to the customers not only provide the relief to the customers but also get the customers the legal fee of the lawyer and legal expenses spent by the customer in the litigation and in this way the customer not only gets his claim but also the lawyers fee and other expenses. When the court orders to the seller to provide the customer any relief or pay the customer any amount then in case of default by the seller he is sent to the jail by the consumer courts in Pakistan still if money is unpaid by the seller then the consumer court order to confiscate his property and have it auction and then give the collected amount to the consumer.

Aazad Law Associates is the best in field of consumer cases and Advocate Muhammad Ali Naeem among the other lawyers is the best lawyer for consumer cases in Lahore Pakistan. Our law firm have dealt with hundreds of consumer cases in Lahore against huge companies and large brands and Advocate Muhammad Ali Naeem Aazad is the best consumer court lawyer in Lahore so if you are looking for a consumer court Lawyer in Lahore, You can call us. Our expert lawyer for consumer cases protects the consumer rights in Pakistan through the procedure of consumer courts in Pakistan

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