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Christian court marriage

For Christian court marriage in Lahore Aazad Law Associates is an expert in Christian marriage in Pakistan or Christian court marriage in Lahore and provides you the best solution and services regarding Christian court marriage procedure in Pakistan.  Christian marriage in Lahore was never easy in the past but now the legislation has made it easy. Law has no removed the complications in Christian marriage procedure in Pakistan. Christian court marriage procedure in Pakistan is now done as per law passed by the assembly. Following is the Christian marriage procedure in Pakistan.

Christian court marriage procedure in Pakistan  :   According to the Christianity law of marriage in Pakistan as per the Christian Marriage Act of 1872 the age for Christian marriage in Lahore or Christian marriage in Pakistan is twenty one years and any one below this age is considered to be a minor and if someone of Christian religion below the age of twenty one year’s wishes to get marry then the permission of real father or Guardian or Mother is required. As per the law the Christian court marriage in Lahore Pakistan shall take place between the time of after six in the morning and before seven in the evening and if any one wishes to get married other than these timings then a special permission in writing is required to solemnize the marriage.  The law also provides that the marriage should be solemnized by a Clergyman of church of Scotland or by a minister of religion but practically there is no such clergyman of church of Scotland and no such minister is available to perform these duties.  To conduct the Christian marriage procedure in Pakistan a Christian marriage registrar is appointed in every district who registers the Christian marriage as per law in Pakistan. Christian marriage registrar is appointed by the Provincial Government in Pakistan by a notification and where there are more than one marriage registrar then one of them will be a senior marriage registrar. To conduct a Christian marriage in Lahore Pakistan you need to appoint a competent lawyer who will first have your Christian marriage register with a marriage registrar then take both the parties to the court before a magistrate where the statements of both the parties will be recorded stating that they have willfully married with each other and the court will endorse the marriage as per the statements of the parties and order accordingly. Christian marriage in Pakistan needs to be properly registered otherwise such marriages will be considered as void. Proper forms of the Christian marriages are maintained in Pakistan and proper entries are made in the registration books and the copies of such entries are also sent to the registrar general. Previously there were no nadra registration for the Christian marriages but now the Nadra marriage certificates are also provided to the Christians who got validly married. Where a Christian marriage registrar refuses to issue a marriage certificate in Pakistan then any of the party performing Christian marriage may file a petition in the court of a District judge making the Christian marriage registrar as a party that he is not issuing the marriage certificate and the Judge will dispose of the petition in a summary way. Christian marriage without registration is a crime in Pakistan. Marriage registration without a valid license or authority in Pakistan is punishable with ten years of imprisonment and fine. Christian court marriage in Lahore Pakistan is done through a lawyer in Pakistan

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